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Where Did The Name “Confections of a Cake Lover” Come From?

Back when Sarah and Mackensie first started to toy around with the idea of an at-home bakery business, they posted a business-naming contest on Facebook. There were some wonderful ideas but they ultimately decided on “Confections of a Cake Lover”. This name was suggested by Mackensie’s good friend, Emily Shwajlyk, who is an avid reader of romance novels!

What’s Up with the Design Concept of the Shop and Website?

When thinking of the term “Confections of a Cake Lover”, confections is a play on the word confessions. Sarah started to imagine a woman tearfully spilling her soul. Images made by pop art painter Roy Lichtenstein came to mind! Sarah worked with her good friend from high school, Mike Lomanto, and came up with this color and design scheme. It was also important to keep with a more gender-neutral design, which is why blue and yellow are two of the primary colors.

The Story of CCL

In August of 2007, Sarah married her best friend Tim. In the months leading up to the big day, she worked hard to make her dream wedding come to life. All of the wedding vendors provided the best options to fit within Sarah’s design and budget…except the wedding cake baker. The consultation was a battle from the beginning to the end; the baker did not agree with the design or the color of the cake (mind you: it was a cake designed by Sylvia Weinstock who happens to be one of the best cake decorators in the world!). At the wedding reception, the cake was a nightmare in both design and taste. It was apparent that the baker did not possess the proper skills to make a great wedding cake.

Ever the person looking to shake up the scene, Sarah began to experiment with cake decorating and found that she had a natural gift. She recruited her sister, Mackensie, to help bake and promote the business. Thus, Confections of a Cake Lover began in the Fall of 2008!

The sisters created many confections for the New Hampshire and New York area but soon they went their separate ways. In 2011, Mackensie bowed out of the business to focus on her studies at Albany Law School in upstate New York. In 2012, Sarah moved with Tim and their daughter, Abi, to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where Tim took a position as an assistant professor of chemistry at Allegheny College. Sarah decided to continue with the business and opened her doors on Market Street in December of 2012.

Sarah's Dream Wedding Cake

Sarah's Dream Wedding Cake

The Artists and Bakers

Sarah Chapp - Owner and Head Cake Artist

Originally from Gloversville, New York, Sarah began her career as a middle school science and mathematics teacher after graduating from St. Lawrence University. She has 5 years of teaching experience in the southern Adirondack Mountains and in western New Hampshire. She even went so far as to enroll in an educational doctoral program (which she is currently completing). Her focus shifted to cake decorating when she took two years off from teaching to become a stay-at-home mother. She identifies herself foremost as a cake artist because she believes that what she creates is, in fact, edible art! She resides in Meadville with her husband, daughter, Jack Russell terrier, two cats, and two chinchillas (who were classroom pets at one time!)


Jaysa Alvarez - Assistant Cake Artist

Currently a senior at Allegheny College, Jaysa hails from Manhattan, NY. She has experience working in artistically historical places such as the Apollo Theatre. She is a double major at Allegheny in history (specifically women’s studies) and studio art with a focus on sculpture. Jaysa is our resident coffee addict—she has been an espresso drinker since she was four years old!


Ria Betush - Assistant Cake Artist

Ria came to CCL in September 2014. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she graduated from Grove City College with a major in chemistry and a minor in business. She then attended The University of Rochester and received her doctoral degree in chemistry. After graduating, she moved to Meadville with her husband, Matt, and taught general chemistry at Allegheny College. She now teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Gannon University. Cake decorating and baking is a creative outlet for her which she enjoys immensely.

Shelby Rhodes, ’15- Associate Cake Artist

Naomi Young, ’15- Associate Cake Artist

Emmett Barr, ’17- Associate Baker

We also have many wonderfully talented Allegheny students on staff!